2014 spring and summer childrens clothing cute female Rainbow smiley girls vest dress skirt package hip bottoming Tong skirt Kids Tong skirt

2014 spring and summer childrens clothing cute female Rainbow smiley girls vest dress skirt package hip bottoming Tong skirt Kids Tong skirt
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3 760 р.
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3 760 р.
Артикул: v100_210858291
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Габариты: L: 1.00см W: 1.00см H: 1.00см
Picture real shot:Photos models
Whether the trade:Нет
Whether the stock:Нет
Цвет:529- color black bars
For height:7 yards , 9 yards , 13 yards



We all goods are taken in kind , due to reasons will produce subtle color display , the color are to prevail in kind ; particularly care about the color of the customer, more than a few computers compare with each other oh.

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Our service does not leave the goods , the order will be under orders to payment order shall prevail. If you pay the emergence of stock, as long as your refund request , we will promptly give you a refund , and will leave you next purchase priority goods .

[ About shipping ]
Our hair can express, logistics, express logistics and not to please buyers shop instructions , shop choose the way you can reach . General stock can be shipped the same day , if the individual reasons are not issued on time , we will inform you , or would indicate that money out there in the parcel will be reissued after shipping, please include a lot of customers , thank you enough . There are special requirements for buyers , need to be informed in advance . As the buyer reasons ( such as address , contact information, courier can not reach ) and other causes of courier returned , the expense of the buyer.

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We will apply the following conditions ** you return :
1 shipping errors : When opening the packaging identifies the size of the discrepancies found in the goods received , paragraph number and set of goods , the wrong color .
2 Upon receipt of goods found to have significant quality problems, please tag purchasers that the goods are not cut , packaging is not destroyed, unused , under the premise of not washed ( or not returned , nor vandalism in return among services ) within 24 hours after the arrival of the way the two sides back to the agreement ( to be sent the same day postmark) can goods for the same section . freight seller burden.
** The following are not refundable range:
1 We do not accept subjective reasons for the customer ( such as product not imagine the good ) of return requirements.
2 return the goods after demolition of the standard , used merchandise ;
3 artificial damage
4. request a return receipt
Receipt of goods ** : In order to protect the interests of the buyer , when the buyer accepts delivery parcel, please open the package on the spot inspection after receipt ; incomplete if a buyer was found after receipt of goods in the case of quality problems , we will does not assume any responsibility if the sign on his behalf by others , and if questions please contact as soon as possible within 24 hours after receipt , more than 48 hours will be considered non-controversial confirmation ( to sign the record date) , shop Нет longer bear any responsibility for , thank you everyone with it!

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After each transaction pro , we are very, very great importance to your evaluation , and strive to achieve 100% satisfaction pro , if parents who receive the goods are not satisfied, we must first contact , I will be properly addressed. Please customer mercy , oh sure to resolve after evaluation . Thank you !

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